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Process Changes Save $80,000 Annually

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By modifying the way liquidation was performed Goodmove was able to save one of our clients over $80,000 annually. The work by our team took less than 2 weeks!

This client had a largely manual process that would take old/deadstock and consolidate it into "mystery bags". These items would first be picked and packed by their 3PL and then be received again by the warehouse and broken down to Male/Female gender and XS-XL sizing through their Value Added Services department. The Goodmove team was able to build flexible middleware that would simply take a "mystery bag" SKU from Shopify and automatically map 5 items that fit the appropriate gender and size criteria. These SKUs were then sent on to the 3PL the same as any other ecommerce order that the brand shipped, eliminating the loop of picking and reprocessing all items.

Even better - each time this client runs a promotion they reuse this logic and the savings continue to amplify. Plus, running these sales on a regular basis also allows the brand to keep their stock levels at acceptable levels and not carry too much in storage with their 3PLs.


Automation With Huge Savings

Big Time Savings For Ops Team

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See the outcomes of the campaign measured in numbers.


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3.4 pp

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2.23 M

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