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Real-Time Stock Rebalancing

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The number of channels you can sell your product through has exploded. The net effect of this is that you can quickly and easily increase your sales by turning new channels on. However, the big challenge we see again and again - how do you keep real-time stock levels in sync across all these platforms? Goodmove has solved this for numerous clients based on their unique mix of sales channels, inventory locations and brand-specific business logic.

It's a tricky predicament - your sales team wants to keep adding new sales channels so that you can serve your customers better and give them more ways to buy. Your operations team puts the brakes on any new platforms because they can barely get orders out the door with the current mix of complexity they're battling. And your finance team wants to have clear insight into the financial impact for each of these channels but the data is all over the place.

Let us step in and empower your brand with the ability to make fulfillment decisions in real-time. This is an absolute game changing feature that will allow your brand to scale. Goodmove gives you the necessary inventory accuracy to easily open up new sales channels across wholesale, drop ship, point of sale, pop-up and more.


Increased Sales

Accurate Inventory

Fewer Customer Issues


Each Channel 2-4 weeks


See the outcomes of the campaign measured in numbers.

+21.2M USD

Sales gain per year


Brand recognition


No. of new clients


Returning clients

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Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
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