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Taking Pre-Orders Via Shopify

Scope Of Work

Goodmove gives your brand the ability to keep selling products that are in production. Why stop selling if a customer is willing to wait a few weeks on a stockout? The reason - system complexity makes it too difficult to trace inventory back to your manufacturer. We can solve that.

Let us tie together data in spreadsheets and across systems to unlock value on the "back half" of your supply chain. No more guessing when products will arrive, we put your finger on the pulse. Even better we keep your customers happy with notifications of any production delays that keep them in the loop in real-time.


Increased Sales

Improved Cashflow

Increased Production Accuracy


1 to 2 Months


See the outcomes of the campaign measured in numbers.


Quote requests increase


Conversion increase

3.4 pp

Market share increase

2.23 M

Social media reach

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Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
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