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"Safety Nets" That Save $1,000s Monthly

Scope Of Work

Every platform run by a Goodmove client consists of a layer with "Safety Nets". Each safety net is a fully-customizable bot that automatically runs in the background 24/7. These bots run above your integration layer and are on the lookout for discrepancies or missing data across your systems.

Primarily they take the load off your operations team trying to cross reference systems and make sure things are running smoothly. Currently your team likely does this by manually manipulating a variety of spreadsheets to try and confirm your brand is on the rails.

Goodmove empowers your team with many different bots and lets you work smarter not harder!

There are literally no limits to what can be done with Safety Nets and each one can be customized to your brand specifically! Goodmove is constantly extending their capabilities to new use cases as well. You can think of each bot as a new worker that stays busy all day, every day proactively looking for a specific issue that it can flag before reaching your customer service level. The savings here are not only realized by your operations team and getting them out of Excel Hell but also seen by a reduction of tickets in your Customer Service center.


Average $3,000 Monthly Savings

Proactive Issue Management

Improved Customer Service


1 Month On Average


See the outcomes of the campaign measured in numbers.

+21.2M USD

Sales gain per year


Brand recognition


No. of new clients


Returning clients

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Say Hello Salut Hola Ciao Namaste
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